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Confessions of a Woman in Real Estate …

I’m a successful business owner, author, and life coach. I am committed to inspiring women to reach their highest potential.

My book, Confessions of a Woman in Real Estate – And How To Do It Your Way includes my rebellious early life in Europe; my arrival in Australia as a backpacker; and eventually establishing myself as one of Brisbane’s real estate powerhouses.

“In this book, discover Hannah’s five keys to real estate success: Positioning, Passion, People, Price, and Push. Drawing from her own experiences, she shares invaluable insights that will propel aspiring real estate professionals toward prosperity.

This book goes beyond a personal account; it is a comprehensive bible for anyone seeking to thrive in the real estate industry. With generosity and expertise, Hannah imparts insider knowledge, guiding readers through career entry, business establishment, property transactions, negotiation strategies, and more.

Through relatable anecdotes, Hannah empowers women to embrace their individuality and chart their own path to success.”

I want my book to help you too to find your inner strength and live an awesome life!


READ the full Goodreads review HERE . Here is an excerpt:

‘Ever wanted to run away from home ? Backpack around a strange country with a different language ? Ski the Swiss Alps by day while running a hotel by night ? Or, learn all the tricks of the trade and build a career in business and real estate ? Author, adventurer and property guru Hannah Schumann has done all of this and more, and this entertaining and informative book gives the reader a ringside seat’


READ the full Booklife review HERE – by Publishers Weekly. Here is an excerpt:

‘Schuhmann’s motivational debut dives into what it takes to flourish as a woman in real estate, blending her own story of a career that began in the late ‘90s—without “extensive networks of business associates, neighbors, school, and golf friends”—with a wealth of expert advice, anecdotes, and original tools like her “five keys to success” (Position, Passion, People, Price, and Push). Her enthusiasm, never-say-die attitude, and commitment to standing out (one method: leaning in to her German accent) soon set her on a path to success, despite the industry being dominated by men, and the inevitable setbacks that she details with frankness, clarity, humor, and an eye toward practical lessons…including the story of the fetishist who stared at her feet all through an open house.’


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